Longwood Orthopedic Associates
Patient Information

What to bring to your appointment

  1. Insurance card
  2. Completed Patient History forms
  3. Current prescription medications
  4. Any current X-rays, MRI's, CT scans and the reports that accompany them

Longwood Orthopedic Associates accepts almost all types of medical insurance. Please call our office at 617-277-1205, with any questions.

Referral - What to do prior to your appointment
If your health insurance requires a referral, please contact your primary care physician to arrange for a referral as soon as you schedule the appointment with our office.

In addition, New England Baptist Hospital Radiology currently has a satellite facility located in our building. If your physician is requesting that you have an x-ray done on the day of your appointment, you must pre-register with the hospital for billing purposes. You can do that by calling NEBH Pre-Registration at 617-754-6000 prior to your appointment. Please call our office at 617-277-1205 if you have any questions about x-rays.

What to expect at your appointment
Your appointment will consist of a thorough medical history, a physical examination by your physician and possibly an x-ray. Your physician will determine if any other tests are necessary. After the examination, your physician will discuss a possible diagnosis and treatment options. The information you provide on your Patient History forms is also very important to your physician in helping to reach a diagnosis.

Treatment options
Following your orthopedic examination, your physician will discuss a diagnosis and possible treatment options with you. These treatments may include:
Medication Physical Therapy Arthroscopy Injections Joint Replacement
Your physician can explain of each of these treatments and advise you as to which is best for you.